Put Willy Wonka Right In Your Own Home

Technology has finally solved one of the world’s most pressing problems. The lack of instant, on-demand candy. No more driving to the store for sweets or something called ‘the candy aisle’.  The ChefJet 3D Printer produces candy at the press of a button.  Create sugary treats in monochrome (single flavor candies) or full-color, multi-flavor (chocolate mint, mixed sour apple, starburst, etc.) varieties. Better yet, stick a mouth up to the spout and skip the middleman. In the future, hopefully the MedicineJet 3D Printer will come out on the market, for instant, on-demand production of diabetes drugs.

ProDesk3D: First Full Color 3D Desktop Printer

While 3D printing has been all over the tech blogs for a couple of years now, there haven’t been made many models ready for Joe 6-Pack ready to purchase. The ProDesk3D printer is a full color printer for the home and business featuring a snazzy design, re-usable cartridge system, and a super fast setup and installation. Now if we could just get Joe 6-pack to get his drinking habit down to like, two beers max, he might be able to afford those toner cartridges.

FORM 1: Economical 3D Printer

The FORM 1 3D Printer ($2,300) looks to take an intricate, expensive process and turn it into something so simple, even Joey Lawrence could get it going. With the assist of a laser and a creation method called stereolithography, the FORM 1 can take digital creations and turn them into high-resolution, three-dimensional objects. While other 3D printers are struggling to churn out clunky replicas, the FORM 1 can deliver thin, precise, tangible goods. Whoa indeed.