3Doodler Pen: Pretty, Sketchy

We’ve all dabbled in doodling. From the curvaceous blonde you dreamt about in studyhall to the sci-fi creature that also strangely resembled your cousin Charles, studies show most students generally have a 70-30 ratio of drawings to actual notes in their composition notebooks. The 3Doodler pen elevates the art substantially by letting you sketch in three dimensions; think 3D-printer in your hand. Invented by Boston-based toy & robotics company WobbleWorks, the 3Doodler uses cutting-edge ABS technology (aka magic) to release strands that support themselves as you release them. The only downside: tougher to hide your creations in class.

Transformers Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set

We’ve got six words for you: Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley in 3D. Or is that just 5 with the hyphenated thingy in there? No matter. While the January 31st release of the seven-disc Limited Collector’s Edition Transformers Trilogy will feature all three films in their robot-smashing glory, a plaque of movie images autographed by director Michael Bay, and a sleek exclusive case, we’re hung up on seeing Megan Fox’s replacement in all three of her enticing dimensions. Transformers: Dark of the Moon makes its 3D debut with 1080p video, 7.1 Dolby TrueHD audio, and four hours of extras. This set is limited to just 5,000 copies, so make your move accordingly. Hear director Michael Bay give his take on the release below.

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3DD Deluxe

Do you really think 3D was invented to see talking robots bash each other while Shia LaBeouf strikes yet another wide-eyed, open-mouthed pose? No, my friend. This is what 3D is all about. 3DD Deluxe by Henry Hargreaves is a titillating collection of photographs of real breasts in glorious 3D. This perfect little stocking stuffer even comes with old school 3D glasses–thoughtful. Hargreaves used a fancy two-camera setup to capture all of the flattering female forms, and the end result is pure coffee table gold. Much as they do in real life, the women in the book come in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors, from New Zealand, Australia, London, LA and NYC. 3DD Deluxe is available for $30 from Amazon or direct from Hargreaves’ site.

Toshiba REGZA 55X3

You’ve been telling your friends for the past three years that you won’t give a rat’s fanny about 3D TV until you can watch it without glasses. Well, prepare to give up that rodent’s rear, because your day has finally come–if you have $11,000 to drop on the new Toshiba REGZA 55X3. Yes, it’s glasses-free, 4K resolution television, and it’s now up for grabs overseas, costing Europeans €7,999 and our Japanese friends ¥900,000. The 55X3 boasts a 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution display with face tracking technology that’s designed to give you 3D from any seat in the room. No word yet on when it’ll hit the US (or how good it looks), but for those of you who feel 3D should be sans glasses, your dream is this much closer to becoming reality.

Sony 3D Head Mounted Display

Sony introduces their first Head Mounted Display which they describe as a personal entertainment system like never before. Putting on the HMD will immerse you in a High Definition, 3D, virtual 5.1 surround sound world thanks to a pair of OLED screens and Virtual Phone Technology which gives a three dimensional audio environment. Simply connect to a Blu-ray player or PS3 with an HDMI cable to bombard your senses.

With Sony’s Head Mounted Display, it may finally be time to chuck that old View-Master you kept since childhood. The price has yet to be determined but you can get more info from the website.