Tallgrass 8-Bit Pale Ale

Screaming yourself hoarse at video games is a standard. Now you (kind of?) have an excuse for fits of 8-bit rage with 8-bit Pale Ale. Produced by Tallgrass Brewing, this 4-pack¬† dulls the pain caused by rectangular controllers slowly puncturing your palms. The 8-bit can features the 8-bit mascot and a salivating Pac-Man. Is there nothing that will sate Pac-Man’s lust for illicit substances (the white dots are pills, right)? Swill 5.2% alcohol per volume, and hammer on buttons to revive Mac in Punch Out!! It’s a great game to play punch drunk, and also regular drunk.¬† Make sure to swallow the ale completely before blowing into the cartridge, though.