Absolut Istanbul: New Limited Edition Bottle

Next in line for the Absolut Cities series is Absolut Istanbul, for all you jive Turkeys. The bottle features art from Turkish painters Yigit Yazici (pronounced yggtyzchee), Okan Bayulgen (pronounced oknbuellgn), and Anjelique’te Ortakoy (that one’s a no brainer). The artists attempt to capture the essence of Istanbul with pictures of its fishing industry, the Galata Tower, and bright, wavy lines. Whether or not this has anything to do with a change in taste or how it will affect your level of intoxication is yet to be seen.

Absolut x Jamie Hewlett Collector’s Edition

Absolut bottles have always been pretty damn stylish, but this is on some other plateau right here. British comic book artist and designer Jamie Hewlett has splashed his signature style all over the ABSOLUT LONDON collector’s edition bottle meant to recognize London’s fashion pioneers over the past 200 years. Hewlett co-created the Tank Girl character as well as the animated musical group Gorillaz. It’s a collector’s item, sure, but it’s also Absolut, so let’s face it, if you save this bottle – and you should – it’s gonna be an empty.

Absolut Gräpevine

When does a party become a party? When beer pong commences? When someone loses an eye during the darts game? When it gets hot in herr and people take off all their clothes? Perhaps that was the case back in the day. But now, a party isn’t a party until someone brings the flavored Absolut vodka. Absolut has a tendency to introduce limited edition flavors turned permanent shelf fixtures, and their 15th variety flavor, Gräpevine, is no exception. You got a glimpse of this now permanent limited edition flavor a while back that combines the natural flavors of grape, dragonfruit & papaya. This versatile mixing ingredient will launch in the US first, then globally in select markets.

Absolut SF Vodka

To celebrate the city of San Francisco, Absolut releases the limited edition Absolut SF. The latest in their annual city-series that includes LA, Boston and Brooklyn, Absolut SF blends grape, dragon fruit and papaya flavors in recognition of San Francisco’s diversity. The grape represents Napa Valley and Sonoma, while the dragon fruit and papaya represent the Asian and Hispanic communities. No rice?? Whatever.

The theme for this year is “freedom of expression”. So, cityscapes of San Francisco decorate the front, mixed in with slogans like “Speak up!” and “Be Proud”. Excluded are pictures of homeless people and punk rock kids panhandling for change.

Interesting note: Absolut city editions typically become new flavors, albeit with slight changes. Absolut Brooklyn became Absolut Orient Apple, going from red apple and ginger to green, red and yellow apple with ginger.

Absolut’s lined up a big marketing campaign with various celebs, including Kevin Ross of Digg and Project Runway alumnus Christopher Collins. Check out Absolut’s Facebook page for more info, including the launch party on June 16th.