Saker S-1: $6 Million Gets You The Speed Of Sound

Don’t look for it on Amazon, but in six years, with a few million bucks, you’ll be able to get your hands on Saker S-1 and it’s expected top speed of Mach 0.99 (that’s very fast). Saker says no military training will be necessary to fly the S-1, so there’s no reason why you can’t expect to climb at a rate of 14,000 ft/min with the aircraft’s two Williams FJ44-4 engines. It’s a two-seater too, so tell the little lady to buckle up; the 2019 trip to grandma’s is gonna be very interesting.

Lehmann GoPro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Get High

Amateur filmmakers just scored a major victory. Instead of paying some sketchy helicopter pilot named Sal a cool 5k for that opening aerial shot, the Lehmann LA100 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ($1,330) will do it for you. Just strap in a GoPro Hero 2 or 3 and give this thing a toss. It flies autonomously for five minutes at up to 300 feet before it comes back to you with the bird’s-eye footage. Or you could duct tape a camera to a seagull and cross your fingers. Your choice.