SOCCKET: From Futbol To Footfuel

If you thought the Hot Pocket was a great invention, wait till you see the SOCCKET ($89). Not only does it kinda rhyme with Hot Pocket but it’s also a soccer ball that generates energy as you play with it. Yes! There’s a small pendulum inside each ball that harnesses the energy by turning a generator (this guide will be helpful) connected to a rechargeable battery. Play with the ball for 30 minutes and you’ll have enough power to fuel three hours of light. Plus each SOCCKET comes with an LED lamp and the ball never needs to be inflated. Of course there is that new limited edition chili sauce cheese dog Hot Pocket. Hmmm… tough call.

electree+: Bonsai Recharging Tree

In this fast-paced, topsy-turvy, what-channel-are-the-Soul-Train-reruns-on world, we don’t always have time for both admiring art and recharging our phones. That’s why the electree+ ($370) is such a gem. Created by French designer Vivian Muller, this bonsai tree-shaped sculpture features 27 solar panel leaves, providing all the juice you need to recharge a 13,500mAh battery. Even the USB connector and A/C outlet are discreetly hidden, so as not to disturb the artistic aesthetics.