Moneual Rydis H67: It Vacuums And Mops More Than Your Girlfriend

The Roomba and Scooba have cool names, and yes, as far as robotic floor and rug cleaners, they were indeed groundbreaking. But Moneual’s new Rydis H67 ($400) promises to suck the hell out of your dirty carpet, then mop the funk of your hard floors. When the mopping pad is attached, the H67 recognizes that and avoids all carpeted surfaces. It can mop for five hours straight with a fully charged battery, then returns to its charging station when it’s running low.

Worx SD Semi-Automatic Power Screwdriver

“Losing your screwdriver bits” sounds like some kinda old-fashioned phrase for going psycho, but it’s not–it’s just really annoying. Retire that particular phrase and problem with the Worx SD Semi-Automatic Power Screwdriver ($50), a power screwer (heh) with a six-slot screwdriver bit cartridge built-in. The SD also features an LED work light, 4V lithium-ion battery, and three-hour charger. Speaking of retiring phrases, let’s get rid of that “stitch in time saves nine” nonsense, if we haven’t already.