Rhino Skin Kevlar Backpack: Organ Saver

In many parts of the world, a simple hiking trip is a potentially dangerous proposition. Afghanistan, Syria, Detroit; you name it. That’s what makes this Rhino Skin Kevlar backpack such a worthwhile accessory. Created by Israeli designer Hila Raam, this guard-your-dome gear is Aramid, a bulletproof material used in military vests. It’s also vital for anyone who finds themselves hoofing it through a war zone. When the sh*t goes down, just engage the chest protector and put the protective hood on. Oh, and hit the dirt. Always hit the dirt. Especially here.

Mission Workshop Limited Edition Waxed Rucksack

There’s no reason why you can’t look put together while pushing yourself to Lance Armstrong-like limits. This is one durable bag for cyclists and everyday people alike, constructed of waxed canvas, one of the oldest and most durable materials out there. This sharp-looking bag features large, weatherproof pockets with zippers that can accommodate most 15” laptops. Alone, the bag weighs just 2.6 lbs, so although it’s rugged and durable, it won’t weigh you down. The bag comes in three earth tones – natural, brown, and charcoal to match just about any ensemble, and yes, it’s American made with a lifetime warranty. Rucksack bags are now available at MISSION WORKSHOP locations and online.