World’s First Bacon-Powered Motorcycle

The future is here and it smells so good. Like bacon in the morning good. Hormel modified a Track T800 CDI motorcycle made by E.V.A. Products to run on 100% biodiesel. Naturally, biodiesel comes from bacon grease so you’ve got one mean, bacon-smellin’ machine. Interestingly, a pound of bacon grease converts to a gallon of biodiesel gas. Hormel plans to use the bike on a cross country journey to find people passionate about projects in their life. Such as…anything bacon.

Bacon-Flavored Ritz Crackers

The bacon train never stops. Ritz just released Bacon-Flavored Ritz Crackers. There are those bacon products you can’t eat, but this actually sounds good. Cheese, crackers and bacon. Seems like a logical partnership. With these, you’ll get all your dietary needs: protein from the bacon, dairy from the cheese and carbs from the crackers. It’s a win-win-win for your belly.

Bacon Grill Rack

Every outdoor party needs a little bacon. It tastes great in hot dogs, hamburgers and just by itself. Make grilling bacon even easier with the Bacon Grill Rack ($20). Lay strips of bacon on top of the stainless steel rack. Grease wells on the bottom allow the bacon drippings to collect, making for healthier and crispier bacon, and also preventing those tiny little fires on the grill from the oil. If grilling bacon’s not enough for you, have you thought about waking up to it?

New App Wakes You Up With The Smell of Bacon

Revolutionary. Disrupter. Driverless cars? Expedition to Mars? Nope. Oscar Mayer has produced an app and plug-in device that wakes you up to the sound, and smell, of bacon. The Wake Up & Smell the Bacon app is live in the iTunes store. It’s legit, Oscar Mayer says they’ve made thousands of these peripheral devices. You plug in the device to your iPhone (sorry Android users) and in the morning, the smell of pork wafts through your room. There’s a catch. Oscar Mayer will give away the devices; they’re not for sale. Here’s hoping that you’re only of the lucky ones.

Bacons of the World: The Best Way To Find 5 Lbs Of Meat At Your Door

Finding 5 lbs of meat at your doorstep can be anywhere from scary (human head) to really scary (a newborn baby) to unbelievably scary (newborn baby holding a human head). But it can also be amazing, like with Bacons of the World from the Belcampo Meat Company. Once every few months they’ll deliver 5 pounds of tasty bacon to your door from their organic, pastured Ossabaw-Berkshire pigs. Each delivery comes with the American bacon that you know and love, as well as something from abroad, like Guanciale (Italian bacon), English bacon, or Pancetta.

Bacon Playing Cards: No Grease Hold ‘Em

The effort to live a fully bacon-involved life surely carries over to your leisure time, but bacon on the card table could be a distraction. Work in the cured pork motif with these Bacon Playing Cards ($10) and pick up poker night with a reminder of what awaits you on your breakfast table the next day. In addition to the standard set you also get the “Bakin’ with Bacon” card game that challenges you to collect all the necessary ingredients to complete your bacontastic recipes before your opponents complete theirs. Delish.

Bacon Gift Box: Propose To Her Your Way

So your woman wants marriage. OK, we can do this. But if she gets a lifetime of commitment together, you get to choose how that roller coaster ride begins. And we say you begin it with bacon. Ditch the diamond ring and show your lady you care enough to send the very best: a beautiful black box stuffed with Oscar Mayer original bacon strips. Besides 18-20 pieces of pure joy, she’ll also get a stainless steel money clip (which now, since you didn’t buy that silly ring, can actually be used to hold money), and a “personal expression of your passion on elegant cardstock.” The Bacon Gift Box is just $22. Her love, however, is priceless.

Maple Bacon Morning Coffee: Breakfast Bows Down To Its Master

Like it or not, bacon is invading every inch of your kitchen. Of course breakfast had always pretty much been bacon’s bitch, but now the last holdout, coffee, has just surrendered. Maple Bacon Morning Coffee ($16) is fresh roasted as soon as you order it. It’s 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee, Direct Trade, and Boca Java hand selects the top 2% of Arabica beans from the finest growers worldwide. It’s all enhanced with the sweet flavors of maple syrup and bacon. OK, you win bacon! YOU WIN!!

[Image: The Hungry Southerner]