Baconlube. Wow. This one is just too easy, but for everyone’s sake, I’ll just say this. Baconlube is the world’s first bacon-flavored lubricant and massage oil. Now, I’m not so sure that bacon would be my top choice of flavors to taste (and smell) during those intimate moments (sushi runs a close second), but if you love bacon, then this is probably the best thing you’ve heard about since we introduced you to Bacon Maple Ale a few days ago. Keep in mind, this product was originally intended as a prank gift, but the demand has grown into a 3,000 person waiting list. So, if you’re eager to see just how much this meat-inspired lube can spice up life in your bedroom, get it while it’s hot. Well, maybe not literally, because that would burn. And if you’re feeling burning, go see a doctor now. Now, how do you get to the point where you can actually use Baconlube? Duh, Bacon Cologne.