Baseball Glove Scented Soap

Take your love of baseball from the field to the shower. Try out this Baseball Glove Scented Soap ($7) and go from smelling like Dove to smelling like a Glove. Hey oohh!

Pony Up About $1M And Buy Babe Ruth’s 1923 World Series Watch

Spring training’s just around the corner. Time to whet the appetite for America’s pastime. Gaze upon Babe Ruth’s 1923 New York Yankees World Championship Watch. It’s not a replica, it’s the real deal and it’s up for auction. How much? Bids are at $240,000 right now, though experts project the final bid to be around $750,000. Whoever buys this will get so much history.

The Babe held onto this watch for most his life, but then he struggled with terminal cancer. At that point, he asked one of his closest friends, Charlie Schwefel, if he wanted anything from the Babe’s collection. Like Gollum gazing upon the ring, Schwefel probably pointed to this watch with eyes wide open and said “that”.

And so the Babe gave Schwefel this 14k gold watch. The case features an artfully engraved scene of a pitcher, hitter and catcher, with a ball sailing through the air. It passed through a few hands before resting in a private collection. Maybe it’ll end up in your own collection soon.

Baseball and Architect Fans Will Enjoy These Iconic Ballpark Blueprints

Here’s the chance to enjoy all the legendary ballparks from another perspective. Ballpark Blueprints ($49) render the great ones with specific architectural details, including a plan view, signature elevation view, and details unique to the park. Some blueprints are taken straight from the original building plans. Right now, they only have AT&T Park, Busch Stadium, Citizens Bank Park, Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium. No Camden Yards? Maybe they’ll get to that later. These come on museum-quality paper, suitable for hanging or gifting.

Topps Baseball Card Archive Poster Prints: Big League Art

How does a larger than life Keith Hernandez mustache on your wall sound? Pretty damn good if you ask us. For $65 Topps will make that kinda magic happen with him or any of the hundreds of baseball players on file from the 70s through the 90s, blowing up their baseball card pictures and turning into a very macho piece of wall art. Bonus: You can heckle the picture without fear of retaliation.

Ballpark and Stadium Prints

Ever try to sketch your favorite ballpark on a 3-inch napkin with a mustard packet? Tough, right? The end result is barely suitable for wiping wiener juice from your chin, let alone framing. But these ballpark prints from City Prints more than get the job done, accurately and artistically rendering everything from Busch Stadium to Oriole Park on a 12×12 sheet. It’s $40 for the print, or drop $180 and get it in a nice frame. Or pay the $180, take the art out of the frame, stick the napkin in there, and use the fancy artwork to wipe the wiener juice. Technically, it is an option.

MLB At Bat 12 iOS App

Despite the intense pressure from beer pong, baseball remains America’s national pastime. And when it comes to sports apps, MLB At Bat 12 ($14.99 for the season) is hitting cleanup, with a Cooperstown-like collection of information, features, and multimedia. Some 150 exhibition games will be available this month for viewing and whetting your appetite for the 162-game haul. Come on, you know the drill. It’s time to forget your mom’s birth date and replace that memory space with the knowledge of Hanley Ramirez’ lifetime On Base Plus Slugging Percentage (.886).