Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success by Phil Jackson

Dear Diary,

Well Kobe’s being a selfish jerk again. Today he ate an entire container of cole slaw, fully knowing that it was to be shared amongst the whole team. I’m gonna have to do something drastic about this. I’m gonna have to make a change. A controversial change. Yep, starting tomorrow I’m going with potato salad. To hell with what the media thinks. TTYL, Phil

OK, so that may not be an actual excerpt from Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success by Phil Jackson ($16), but with his famous Zen mentality and approach to the game, we wouldn’t be surprised if he oversaw the side dishes as well as the Triangle offense. The big question is, where does he put the 11th ring?

Weekend Refill, 5.03.13

Pole dancers have awesome grip strength. Just putting it out there.

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Weekend Refill, 3.22.13

You’re looking at the tallest crossing guard in America with mad bball skillz to boot. And now, it’s time to welcome in the weekend. Holla!

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Audi RS6 Avant

Imagine you had a nice quick sedan–but you also had NBA (faded) star Vince Carter riding shotgun in it. It might not be as nimble, right? Well the Audi RS6 Avant has basically thrown Vinsanity out of the car, as this year’s model has shed 220 lbs, allowing it to now go from 0-62 mph in just 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 189 mph. Speaking of Vince, I’m gonna go ahead and say his top 10 dunks are better than MJ’s 10 best.

Hyperice: Ice Compression Therapy to the Extreme

While Troy Polamalu and Blake Griffin are constantly dealing with the aches and pains that come with pro sports, regular guys also need treatment for their injuries (I know my right forearm is usually killing me in the morning). Anyways, Hyperice ($80-$130) is the latest tool the pros use to quickly recover, and now it’s up for grabs for everybody. It delivers vital ice compression, whether it’s for the back, knee, shoulder, ankles, elbows, or whatever, bringing relief and an expedited recovery.

adidas adiZero Rose 3

They’re the shoes that brought NBA star Derrick Rose to tears. Well, OK, maybe the accompanying video and his recovery from a shredded ACL also had a little to do with his press conference breakdown, but nonetheless, the adidas adiZero Rose 3 ($160) come with a compelling backstory. They feature synthetic and nubuck leather,  an oversized tongue with a reflective D Rose logo, and an actual illustration of his family tree on the inside of the tongue. Damn. Tito, get me some tissue.

NCAA March Madness Live App

The Ides of March (Madness) are upon us. Time to make your brackets, place your bets, assassinate Julius Caesar, and pick up the NCAA March Madness Live app. The free app gives you access to radio streams of all the games and a number of social features; you can receive every tweet from only the most well spoken and articulate NCAA followers (not guaranteed). For a paltry fee of $3.99, you receive the deluxe premium package that allows live streaming to your phone. Now you can receive real time updates on how poorly you constructed your bracket.