Bison Airlighter

Fire fire! Cavemen must have had mini-heart attacks at the first sight of fire. If they saw flames bursting out of the Bison Airlighter, well who knows. Maybe a single tear would’ve rolled down their cheek. This portable air-driven fire lighter shoots out a 4-inch stream of flame. It makes for a quicker ways to light BBQs, fire pits, whatever needs it. Throw away that lighter fluid, forget about stoking the charcoals. You have the Bison Airlighter now. It also makes for a really intense cigarette lighter.

iGrill Gives Grillers A Shot At Perfect Steaks

Don’t waste good meat. Use the iGrill ($40) to get perfectly grilled meat every time. The wireless Bluetooth Smart thermometer connects to your smart phone through the app. Mount the iGrill via the magnetic mount, stick the sensor in and the iGrill cycles through its 4 LED lights, each light letting you know what stage the meat’s at. Brilliant idea that frees up your hands to hold more bottles of beer.

The Barbecue Bible: Not Just Recipes, But Every Barbecue Tool In One Book

Imagine cooking a barbecue and having every single tool all-in-one place. No, not just in a drawer. But having the coal, knives, firestarters, etc. contained in one book. That is the Barbecue Bible. One page will break apart into coals, while the next helps the cook start the fire. Yet another page sharpens knives and one page IS the knife. Better yet, every tool the chef needs is laid out page by page in the order they need to use it. Right now, only a few copies have been mailed to top chefs in Brazil. Soon, they’ll be made to a wider audience.

Manbque’s Meat, Beer, Rock & Roll Cookbook

Meat. Beer. Rock n’ Roll. What else does a guy need? Ok, maybe sports. But the online ManBQue community sure has the first three. They grew out of Chicago’s rock n’ roll community and expanded coast to coast. Now, they’ve dropped a dream cookbook on men, ManBQue: Meat. Beer. Rock and Roll ($16). The title says it all. Inside, recipes and suggestions on perfecting burgers, steaks, wings and sausages. Those are the four basic food groups, right? Head over to ManBQue after buying the book and join all things meat, beer and rock n’ roll.

Tobacco Moonshine BBQ: From The Kitchen Of A Brilliant/Deranged Chef/Hick

If A1 has lost all its luster with you, and just the thought of a dry rub instantly makes your thighs chafe, it might be time to open your palate up to a more daring array of flavors. Todd of Todd’s Concoctions appears to be part culinary genius, part Deliverance banjo player. Why do we say that? Because any man that creates sauces ($14.39 each) called Ink Cayenne, Tobacco Moonshine, Marshmallow Smoke, Root Beer Pickle, Chewing Gum Tobacco and Cola Leather clearly is a loose cannon. And that just might be a good thing.

BBQ Dragon: Get That O2 ASAP

Much safer than an actual dragon, the BBQ Dragon ($40) resists the overly macho urge to blow flames and instead blows a steady stream of low-velocity cool air that magically starts your charcoal fire faster than a chimney and without any lighter fluid. The fire gets the oxygen in a hurry so it can burn hotter and quicker, which means you don’t have to wait one minute longer than necessary for your precious charred animal flesh. We hear version 2 of the Dragon will talk like Sean Connery.

Handrail BBQ Grill: Score One For City Livin’

Top 3 Reasons Country Livin’ Beats City Livin’

1) Running over something and killing it is legal in the country.
2) Sister shmister! I love her and that’s all that matters!
3) You can’t grill in an apartm–WHOA! Hold on!  The Bruce Handrail Grill ($77) by designer Henrick Drecker makes this a much closer race now, as this slick invention combines the function of a small grill with the principle of a flower pot. Just toss those plants over the side and hang this meat-toaster on the handrail instead.

Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood: Smoke The Flavor Into Its Meat Cave

Little known presidential fact: When President George W. Bush told the military to smoke Al Qaeda out of their caves in 2001, he also suggested they use mirrors, but time constraints forced him to cut that portion of the speech out. Instead of smoking things out, the home grill master looks to smoke things in–like flavor. This Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood ($14) delivers taste in abundance to whatever you’re cooking, as they’re the same blocks used to smoke the company’s salt, sugar, and spices.