Smart Bedding For Lazy People

Introducing an invention for people with money to burn or lazy people. The makers of Smart Bedding use a bunch of, well, buttons basically, to keep the top sheet and duvet cover in line. They want to solve the hassles of sheets bunching up while you sleep and tucking oversized top sheets under your bed. Ooook…Preorder here.

There’s A Party At Your Place And It’s In This Bed

Think about the bed you sleep in right now. Mattress, box spring, headboard. Booooring! Now imagine a bed that listens to your heartbeat and plays an LED light show for you. A bed that syncs up to your smartphone and vibrates with the beats as music blares out of four speakers. And imagine that it’s a temperature-controlled waterbed. You just imagined the new Tranquility Pod ($30,000) from Hammacher Schlemmer. Its egg shape does offer one disadvantage. Nowhere for farts to go.

Sleep Under The Stars Without Going Outside

Sleeping under the stars is nice and all, but dealing with the cold and mosquitoes kinda kills the mood. The Cosmos Bed by designer Natalia Rumyantseva eliminates all those pesky nuisances. Behold a white, fiberglass structure that resembles a cut-out egg. Overhead, LED lights form some night stars. Fall asleep to an audio system that plays music or white noise. The built-in fragrance dispensers pump out scents to help you sleep. Ladies will go crazy for this.

The Closest You Might Get To A Bentley Is Their New Furniture Line

Bentley brings the class of its cars from the road to the home. Its new furniture line includes sofas, armchairs and beds. Each come swathed in either leather, velvet or cashmere. Cashmere! Go ahead and ball out, baller.

Mood Rocking Bed

Sometimes beds need to be shaped elliptically. Sometimes beds need to rock. The Mood Rocking Bed by Shiner does both of these things, and possibly more if the price is right. The Mood Rocking Bed is perfect for any paraplegic or lazy person who wants to engage in a bit of the old “hippity dippity” (sexual intercourse) without having to do much work. This adult sized cradle can be placed indoors and outdoors for some reason, and the sizes range from Twin to the dreaded California King. Get it while it’s hot, or wait til it cools down, it really doesn’t matter to us.