Steaklocker: The First Home Dry Age Steak Fridge

Dry aging beef allows naturally occurring enzymes to tenderize the meat and bring out its natural flavor. You have to go to steak shops or high-end butcher shops to get it though and it costs a fortune. What’s a guy to do? Well, hit up Steaklocker. Their Kickstarter campaign will bring the first home fridge to dry age steaks at quite a bit below current costs. The patent-pending controls let you select the flavor and tenderness and you can access all these through a smartphone app. It costs a little over $550, so it’s not cheap. What’s money when it comes to beef though, really.

Kobe Red: Beer-Fed Jerky Tastes Like Victory

Move over pork rinds, there’s a new Manliest Snack in Town. Kobe Red ($7 and up) is jerky made from organic Japanese Kobe beef, considered perhaps the finest in the world. But the real rub here is that these Kobe cows are all beer fed. That’s right, while you’re drinking Mr. Pibb, these cows are chugging Heineken (we use that term and brand loosely here; could also be PBR). The result is chilled out cattle, and chilled out cattle are usually pretty cool with being turned into succulent strips of jerky. Try the Brown Sugar-Lemongrass.