Biscotti TV Phone

Biscotti anyone? No, I’m not talking about that delectable little Italian dessert that your Nonnina used to make. Forget about it! I’m talking about the new bite size TV phone, appropriately named the Biscotti. You place this tiny gloss black device on top of your tv, and make video VoIP calls using the integrated HD webcam and 802.11n radio. Just plug the Biscotti in between your settop and TV and navigate your way through the menu options with the remote. You can also set up video chats using Google Talk.

Video and audio are then played through your big screen. The device is always on, meaning the ability to use it while watching tv. Although, the hi-def camera and mic capture every move and sound, so we want to be careful about leaving this on. Your Nonnina doesn’t need to know everything now, does she?