Bjork Biophilia Boxset

Since no one buys cds anymore, artists have resorted to selling you everything but the music. Bjork: Biophilia the Ultimate Edition trumpets the release of Bjork’s new release, Biophilia. Great thought has been put into this boxset, that’s for sure. Upon arrival, you get a lacquered and silkscreened oak hinged lid case. Immediately, a collector’s item, no?

Open the case up and you are greeted with more collector’s items. You have the Biophilia manual, a 48 page, hardbound, cloth covered and thread sewn book. Various essays and drawings are included. Inside also lovingly rests 2 CDs, one of the Biophilia album and another of exclusive recordings.

But, wait, there’s more! You also get 10 silkscreened, individually colored, chrome-plated tuning forks. From Bjork’s site, “[e]ach fork adjusted to the tone of each of the tracks from Biophiia and covering a complete octave in a non-conventional scale…” I feel smarter already.

Of course, you get the individually numbered certificate. Only 100,000 will be made and each will be handcrafted by child labor in China. Just kidding. They will probably be made in a sustainable environment somewhere in an Amazon rain forest. Each boxset sets you back £500, about $818 US. So, hurry! You only have until August 12th to order.