Blowfish Hangover Pill: Approved by FDA

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and this little lifesaver is undoubtedly going to fly off the shelves, especially now that everyone knows its FDA approved. Go figure. Blowfish is an effervescent wonder to be taken by hangover sufferers the morning after. The winning combo of caffeine and a super strength pain reliever will alleviate the oh so fun pain and exhaustion we feel after excessive consumption. Blowfish is actually offering free samples on their website, so they must be feeling pretty confident. If you want to stock up for the holidays and then some, you can get a 12 tablet box of Blowfish for $11.99 or a 50 tablet box for $49.99. Just a word of advice. If you plan to buy the 50 tablet box, you might want to consider rehab. Oh, and when you’re all banged up this New Year’s stealing cop cars, marrying strippers, kidnapping celeb pets, and leaving your buddy on the hotel roof, remember that Blowfish only helps to cure your hangover. It won’t stop you from acting like a jagaloon while under the influence.