The Sopranos: The Complete Series on Blu-ray

One of the greatest TV series ever made, The Sopranos almost never got made. The story of Tony Soprano in a midlife crisis told not just a great story, but let everyone know that cable networks were more than just second tier. In November, HBO comes out with The Sopranos: The Complete Series. The Blu-ray collection compiles all 86 episodes in 1080 p, audio commentaries and conversations about the making of the series. If you haven’t seen it before, now’s the time to make way for some serious binge-watching. It’ll be rare to see the cultural impact of such a series ever again.

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series: Memories Of Meth

As Breaking Bad furiously finishes up its 5th and final season, pangs of anxiety are setting in for many a loyal follower of Walter White. If you’d like something a little more permanent to remember the acclaimed show by other than a shaky Netflix streaming archive, cook up $225 and send it to Amazon for the complete series on Blu-ray. It comes in a collectible replica money barrel and features more than 55 hours of special features from all of the seasons, plus an all new two-hour documentary and a 16 page booklet with letter from series creator Vince Gilligan.

Django Unchained Blu-ray: Frankly, Quentin…

You know what would be a great double feature? Gone with the Wind followed by Django Unchained ($25 at Amazon). Quentin Tarantino’s in-your-face tale of a slave’s revenge is everything that that bloated bastard from 1939 is not—including a 180 degree turn on the Old South. Jamie Foxx takes the lead role, with Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, and Samuel L. Jackson rounding out the all-star cast. This 2-disc package gives you the Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Copy, and Ultraviolet copy of the film.

Life Of Pi Blu-ray 3D: Enjoy A Slice Of 3.14–And A Tiger

Still recovering from that Pi Day celebration? Why not call in sick and start your 3-day weekend with a 4-time Oscar winner in Blu-ray 3D? The newly released Life of Pi ($28) was a big hit at the Academy Awards, taking home trophies for Best Director (Ang Lee), Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects and Best Original Score. The story centers on a shipwrecked teenager and a tiger–sadly, no pie, though. We’re assuming you have some leftovers from yesterday?

Skyfall: ray. Blu-ray.

If you missed Skyfall (about $25 on Amazon) in theaters a few months back, most people would say you missed a pretty good installment in the 007 franchise. Heck, Roger Ebert slapped four stars on it. So maybe you should rethink that box of chocolates for your lady and instead pick up this action-packed Blu-ray when it hits stores this Tuesday. Daniel Craig’s third crack at Bond features a classic opening chase scene and – what the? – the use of a Komodo dragon as a stepping stool.

Die Hard: 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Collection

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting ready for the next Die Hard movie by working “Yippee ki yay!” into every other sentence I say for the next month. If that’s too much for you, perhaps scooping up the Die Hard: 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Collection ($41) is more your thing. This 5-disc set contains the first four films – Yippee ki yay! (sorry, gotta keep working it in) –  and an all-new bonus disc, “Decoding Die Hard.” A Good Day to Die Hard opens February 14. Yipee ki yay!

Game of Thrones: Season 1 Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Boxset

HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of those shows offers a detailed universe full of rich characters. For those of us who love the show, or who just need more friends, the world is there to explore. This Season 1 Limited Edition Gift Set ($90) delivers all of the first 10 episodes on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Copy, along with a (non-edible) Dragon Egg paperweight and Season Two bonus Blu-ray. You also get an in-episode guide that provides tons of background info about Thrones’ many characters, so when you befriend an imaginary person, you’ll at least know his/her backstory.

Prometheus Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

For those of you eagerly awaiting the release of the Disney-produced Star Wars Episode VII, the new Prometheus 4-Disc Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Set ($60) may be a worthy and temporary solution. Now, this is directed to those who have a 3D television, because the 3D Blu-Ray disc only comes in the 4-Disc set. For those of you who don’t, get with it people! This isn’t, whatever, 1979! The fact that this is the same year the film Alien was released is an unintentional coincidence. The set also includes the 2D Blu-Ray, the Blu-Ray bonus disc, and the DVD + Digital copy disc. For the rest of you unfortunate people, get rich friends because there will be no VHS release.