Keep Track Of Anything (Or Anyone) With The Bringrr Tracker

It’s a pain to lose or forget things. Like Grandpa Simpson, just how many times has he gone missing? If Homer clipped a Bringrr tag onto poor ol’ Abe, there’d be one less recurring sketch on The Simpsons.

Bringrr is both an app and hardware. There’s two parts to the hardware, a car charger which acts as home base and Bringrr tags. Any items you want to bring when you go out, just tag it with the Bringrr tag.

Once you start up your car, Bringrr searches for all tagged items. It’ll notify you if anything’s missing. Meanwhile, the app checks to see if your phone’s in the vicinity.

Think of all the things you can tag. Wallets. Backpacks. Pets. Girlfriends and boyfriends. Anything you need to keep an eye on.

PowerUp 3.0: The Smartest Paper Airplane We Know

Paper airplane crashes are funny, but they also can hurt–on the inside. When you see your aircraft nosedive into the carpet, it’s a harsh reminder that you mastered neither real physics nor the fun goof-off kind of physics in college. But the PowerUp 3.0 ($40) aims to make any chump a champ as it’s the world’s first smartphone-controlled paper airplane. All you have to do is fold a piece of paper into a plane, attach the PowerUp 3.0 (there’s a propeller/rudder in the back and the Bluetooth tech and rechargeable battery are in the front), and let ‘er rip. It’s built tough and said to be crash-proof, so even when — at its max speed of 10 mph — it hits the pavement, you’ll feel good about giving it the old college try again.

Chipolo Bluetooth Finder: Shake To Find Your Phone Or Fluffy

Chipolo ($19) is a virtual leash connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. So you can attach it to your dog’s collar, let him run wild on the beach, and then find out exactly which immaculately built sand castle he’s delicately hiding in when it’s time to go home. You can also use it to find your phone by giving it a quick shake. It finds anything within 60 meters (about 197 feet), and sends you a notification when it’s in and out of range. Works with both Android and iOS devices too.

Tile: Bluetooth Stuff-Finder

We all lose stuff everyday: keys, phones, Twitter bets about juicing baseball players–you name it. Tile aims to solve those daily dilemmas with its knack for knowing where your stuff is. Put it on an any object and then track its location via Bluetooth on your phone. But Tile goes a step further than that, since it promises to harness the Bluetooth power of all the other Tile users, thus giving you a massive swath of coverage as you try to find your nicknacks, doodads, and thingamabobbers.

The Vamp: Old Speakers Don’t Die

Some amazing sound came from speakers built in the 20th century, but those little wooden wonders were built way before Cal Ripken Jr. (may have) invented the mp3. The Vamp saves the day by receiving sound from any Bluetooth device and playing it through your quality speaker. That means achieving superior sound; the kind that Bluetooth speakers normally can’t produce on their own.

hipKey: You Can’t Find Yourself Until You Find Your Phone

Searching for your purpose, your true direction on this spiritual journey we call life, can only occur if you have at least three bars of service on your phone (you gotta Google “meaning of life” right?). But if you can’t find your phone, you can’t find yourself. hipKey works with your iPhone, iPad, or anything that you attach it to. With hipKey in your pocket, you can set the gentle alarm to go off as soon as your phone drifts off further than you’d like (up to 164 feet). Then and only then, once reunited with Siri, you may resume your quest for inner tranquility.

JBL Charge: The Portable Party-Maker

What’s the official number of people you need for a gathering to be considered an actual party?  I’m gonna say six is the minimum, but it’s up for debate. What’s not up for debate however is the fact that a party ain’t a party without music. JBL’s Charge ($150) gives you portable party-maker status and more as this wireless Bluetooth speaker features a huge 6,000mAh rechargeable battery (estimated 12 hours of playback) and a USB port that can charge your phone at the same time. Speaker specs? Two 41mm full-range drivers, a built-in bass port, and a 2 x 5 watt amplifier. Now, if I only had five friends. ::sad violin::

BlueTube Audio Amplifier with built-in Bluetooth

Technology hasn’t made everything better. Breasts? Yes, OK, fine, breasts have gotten better. But audio quality has been going the quick & cheap route since the compressed sound of the MP3 came into fashion. The BlueTube Audio Tube Amplifier ($550) looks to reverse that trend with a finely crafted, hand-built tube amplifier that fills any room with rich sound and classic aesthetics. The 3/4″ thick walnut and cherry enclosures are hand rubbed with linseed oil, then waxed. Yeah, baby. Plus the tubes themselves produce a warm glow that surpasses the glow of even the happiest pregnant woman.