Foldboat: The Foldable, Space Saving Boat

Just think how cinema history would’ve been different had Roy Scheider told Robert Shaw in Jaws “You’re gonna need a foldable boat.” Actually, besides totally puzzling the F out of the audience, I guess it might not have had much of an impact, other than leading to a much quicker debut of Foldboat ($1250). Just bend the large plastic sheet along the creases, insert a few clips, and whammo, you’re ready to go shark hunting. It comes with a couple of inflatable pillows to throw in the shark’s mouth as a diversionary tactic while you prepare to kill him softly with his song (Sisqo’s “Thong Song”). Once you gut the fish, remove said pillows and use them as flotation devices as you paddle back home. Receive ticker tape parade. Enjoy. [Daily Mail via Gear Hungry]

Hot Tub Boat

For all the water involved with boating, you don’t really get wet, do you? Satiate your urge for self-submergence with the Hot Tub Boat (price TBA), a little vessel with a lot of class. The hot tub inside the boat is big enough to hold as many as 5 women and yourself as the electric motor cruises along at 4 to 6 knots. Each boat comes with built-in dry storage and two coolers, but we don’t think the ladies will need any alcohol to loosen up, because – again – there is a hot tub inside the boat.