Bodum Bistro Pour Over Coffee Machine

Whereas your “regular” status at Starbucks 10 years ago was enough for you to look down on other coffee drinkers, these days, if you want to consider yourself a true morning joe Jehovah, you need something in your kitchen that definitively says I Make Hot Water & Beans Better Than You. Well here it is, the Bodum Bistro Pour Over Coffee Machine ($250). The removable water tank works in concert with a glass pipe, keeping everything pure and hot as it flows evenly over the ground coffee. The titanium-plated stainless steel and finely meshed filter ensures supreme taste, as the coffee drips into a plastic thermos with a double-wall stainless steel interior. Safety features include heat-resistant silicone jug handles and filter. Best of all? No need for silly phrases when you want great coffee. Venti this!