Slot-In Storage: It Gets Easier

To all the teenage guys out there who haven’t care to learn the difference between a nut and a bolt or how to use a power drill, I just wanna say: It gets easier. Once you get out of school you can totally furnish your apartment with easy-to-assemble pieces like this Slot-In Storage system from Belgian designer Xavier Coenen. A stackable solution for all your shelving needs, this birch plywood furniture requires no screws, bolts or use of adhesives for setup, and it’s all customizable and functional.

Chuck: Flexible Shelving System: Whatever You Want Man

German designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn has created Chuck, a flexible shelving system that will always respond to your questions with an easygoing “Whatever you want man.” The 4 mm thick planks of wood are totally flexible, letting you get creative with what you hold and how you hold it. “Hey Chuck, can you hold these books?” “Whatever you want man.” “How about my collection of rare butterfly kidneys?” “Whatever you want man.” “Chuck, you’re the greatest. Have you ever thought about being with me… ya know… in that way?” “Whatever…  you… w-w-want… mm-mm-man.”

The Small b: Can’t Tablet This

Physical books may be going the way of the CB radio, but there are still some things you can’t do with an e-reader. For starters, it won’t make sense to store your tablet in the Small b, a minimalist bookshelf by German-based designer Holon ID. This thing deserves books, glorious books. The shelves are made of stainless steel and oak, and with a dozen modular sizes available, you’re guaranteed to get a great fit for your “Fisty Shades of Grey” trilogy.