Only 1 more round left in the hockey season, but hockey will live on forever with the PuckOpener ($12). Throw away those dinky bottle openers and go for a regulation NHL puck that holds a bottle opener inside. We know, you like opening beers using your lighters or banging them on the sides of tables. Whatever, just get this. Open your beer, then drop the PuckOpener on the ground and play hockey with your feet.

GrOpener: One-Hand Job, Coming Up!

Up until now, one-handing your beer bottle to pry it open seemed like a fool’s task. Now, it’s a different world. The GrOpener (short for GrabOpener) comes from the brilliant mind of inventor Mark Manger out of Denver, CO. Mark saw the stick & screw openers while bartending in Africa in the ’90s, and a similar leverage principle is in effect here, only it’s now all in one sweet beautiful motion. Just grab the bottle with a little bit of force and physics does the rest. Besides being great for people who have a hand full of chicken wings, it’s also a godsend for amputees, stroke victims and others who may only have full use of one hand.

Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer

The Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer ($7.40) is the first and last real bottle opener you’ll ever need. Sure, it can open beer bottles like any other regular old bottle opener but what makes it stand out from the crowd of swag openers is the ability to reseal your beer to keep the taste fresh.

Just slide the resealer in place and the seal will be tight enough that not one drop will escape even if you turn the bottle upside down. The opener/resealer can be used from a standard twelve-ounce beer to twenty-four or even forty-ounce bottles.