Walter White Prints: Series At A Glance

With the Breaking Bad finale coming up this weekend, it’s time to reflect on AMC’s critically acclaimed series. Sure, you could do that by watching every episode again, or you could just do the speed version of the show with these Walter White prints ($50). The trio of silkscreened prints depict lead character Walter White’s transformation from “chemistry teacher to crystal meth kingpin, to vengeful desperado.” Every poster is also hand signed and numbered by graphic Ty Mattson.

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series: Memories Of Meth

As Breaking Bad furiously finishes up its 5th and final season, pangs of anxiety are setting in for many a loyal follower of Walter White. If you’d like something a little more permanent to remember the acclaimed show by other than a shaky Netflix streaming archive, cook up $225 and send it to Amazon for the complete series on Blu-ray. It comes in a collectible replica money barrel and features more than 55 hours of special features from all of the seasons, plus an all new two-hour documentary and a 16 page booklet with letter from series creator Vince Gilligan.

Heisenberg Rock Candy

What a tragedy. See, I had a feeling Heisenberg “Blue Glass” Rock Candy ($10 for a two pack) was meant to resemble crystal meth, but I wasn’t sure. So I started doing research to see what the illegal and very dangerous drug actually looks like. Well, one thing leads to another and whammo! I’m now addicted to methamphetamine. Grrreat. Anyways, the above harmless treat has the luscious taste of cotton candy, and it comes in a biodegradable little baggie–perfect for Breaking Bad fans. But crystal meth? Not perfect for my job as a heavy machinery operator.