Keep Track Of Anything (Or Anyone) With The Bringrr Tracker

It’s a pain to lose or forget things. Like Grandpa Simpson, just how many times has he gone missing? If Homer clipped a Bringrr tag onto poor ol’ Abe, there’d be one less recurring sketch on The Simpsons.

Bringrr is both an app and hardware. There’s two parts to the hardware, a car charger which acts as home base and Bringrr tags. Any items you want to bring when you go out, just tag it with the Bringrr tag.

Once you start up your car, Bringrr searches for all tagged items. It’ll notify you if anything’s missing. Meanwhile, the app checks to see if your phone’s in the vicinity.

Think of all the things you can tag. Wallets. Backpacks. Pets. Girlfriends and boyfriends. Anything you need to keep an eye on.