Bushmills Whiskey X Grado Headphones

High-end headphones maker Grado recently collaborated with whiskey producer, Bushmills, for these limited edition Bushmills Whiskey x Grado Headphones ($395). Actor Elijah Wood and his buddy Zach Cowie (who deejay as Wooden Wisdom..yea, never heard of the group either) worked with Bushmills in the past, and sought out a partner to do a collab on headphones. In comes Grado.¬†Before you think ‘vanity project’, everyone put some real thought into getting this partnership just right. Each handcrafted pair features Irish oak and leather, a choice made for leather’s natural ability for durability and the unique character it gets over time. ¬†Watch a behind-the-scenes with Elijah Wood below and get a pair exclusively at Turntable Lab.