Hard Graft Ocean Collection: That Means Stuff in Blue Now

Hard Graft has a great line for luggage and camera bags. High quality and amazing designs. They have a new collection, the Hard Graft Ocean Collection. It’s introducing the deep navy hue color to their products and they’ll add it to their existing line of straps, cases and other assorted offerings.

Niko Camera Bag: Leave No Gear Behind

In the military it’s “Leave no man behind.” In the world of photography it’s “Eh, I don’t plan on leaving any man behind, but come on, if there’s like an earthquake or something, I gotta get the shot first, right?” OK, so it’s possible no photographer has ever said that exactly, but the point is a shooter’s gear is usually more important than their friend. So the Niko camera bag ($180) is a godsend with its┬ásturdy waterproof build, plethora of pockets,┬álaptop sleeve, and top loading compartment for instant access. There’s plenty of room for lenses, flashes, and more. What there isn’t room for is a wisecracking sidekick.