Lytro Illum

Lytro brings a new, higher-end camera to the market, the Lytro Illum ($1500). It’s an extension of the previous Lytro. These cameras use the power of light field to allow the user to change focal points, dimensions and perspectives after the shot. Great for those horrible photographers among us. The Illum comes with a 4″ touchscreen and 8x zoom. Preorder now for shipment in July and never worry about crappy pictures again.

Outex: A Rugged Camera Condom

Great outdoor photo opportunities don’t fade away when the weather takes a turn for the worse; just ask any man who’s seen a bodacious beauty in white get caught in a thunderstorm. But today’s pricey cameras clearly aren’t meant for precipitation. The Outex ($375) is your answer. It’s a flexible but very rugged latex-based compound casing that covers DSLRs and other interchangeable lens cameras. It’s not meant to cover your Canon as you go looking for James Cameron’s Titanic leftovers on the sea bottom, but it’ll keep your shooter dry through just about every other wet endeavor.

Niko Camera Bag: Leave No Gear Behind

In the military it’s “Leave no man behind.” In the world of photography it’s “Eh, I don’t plan on leaving any man behind, but come on, if there’s like an earthquake or something, I gotta get the shot first, right?” OK, so it’s possible no photographer has ever said that exactly, but the point is a shooter’s gear is usually more important than their friend. So the Niko camera bag ($180) is a godsend with its sturdy waterproof build, plethora of pockets, laptop sleeve, and top loading compartment for instant access. There’s plenty of room for lenses, flashes, and more. What there isn’t room for is a wisecracking sidekick.

Fotodiox Canon 7D Crystal 2/3 Replica

We all cherish our pictures, but how many of us cherish the actual device that saves our precious moments? Not enough, I say. Begin your overdue worship of the almighty camera with the Fotodiox Canon 7D Crystal Replica ($60), a gorgeous keepsake that’s built to 2/3 of the original shooter’s size. Hand-crafted and made of premium grade crystal, the intricate details will astound you and show others that at least you know a little something about respect, OK?


The first step towards becoming an undersea explorer like James Cameron begins with looking for that scabby Band-Aid at the bottom of your neighbor’s pool. The HydroView ($3,995) will let you do just that, safely from the comfort of your neighbor’s nice new deck. This remote control underwater vehicle has an onboard camera that streams high quality video and photos to your iPad as you enjoy your neighbor’s tasty shrimp kabobs fresh off the grill. Did we mention your neighbor is going on vacation July 2-9?

IKEA Cardboard Camera

Cardboard doesn’t get enough credit for its versatility. Any substance that can be made into both a box and an amazingly lifelike cutout of John Cena is clearly a godsend. IKEA recognizes this, and their new digital camera embraces cardboard in all its basic brown glory. Running on just two AA batteries, the camera’s internal memory stores 40 pictures and connects with your tech via USB connector. No word on a price yet, but it is cardboard, so we’re expecting it under a C note–the same amount of money we’d need to take that Cena cutout off your hands.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

The world will never know about the ghost slug and its appetite for destruction until you film the first documentary about it. Yes, you. You have to do it. You’re gonna need a camera, and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera ($2,995) might be the way to go. This mighty mite features a massive 2.5K sensor, 24-30fps, built-in high-speed SSD recorder that captures 12-bit CinemaDNG, ProRes and DNxHD files, and 5″ capacitive touchscreen controls. It’s also built to be user-friendly and rugged, and as we all know, that’s vital when capturing slug footage.

Perfect Prizes for the Primary Politicians

Super Tuesday 2012, the Super Bowl of the Republican Primary, hits today. Watch the candidates outdo each other as they tell us which bold new programs and promises they’ll ultimately fail to implement if elected. Who will fail us the least? Now’s the time to choose.

In honor of the combatants, we’ve assembled the perfect prize for each candidate to take home should they win. Delegates? We fart on your delegates. This is the real competition, my friend. Click through to read So Freaking Cool’s “Perfect Prizes for the Primary Politicians”.

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