Matador Pocket Blanket

Festival season has a few months left and that means hanging out on grassy fields, listening to some great music and doing a lot of people watching. Going to any festival means bringing along a nice blanket to put on the ground, but no one likes lugging around those unwieldy towels and blankets everywhere. Drop a couple of bills on the pocket-sized Matador Portable Blanket. This thing folds down to a deck of cards, leaving you plenty of space for carrying around beer.

All-in-One Camping Cutlery by Pro Idee

Campers need to keep gear down to the bare minimum. Cut cutlery (ah ha..pun!) down to a smaller size with this all-in-one fork, spoon and bottle opener set by Pro Idee.  It fits into a little oval nugget the size of your palm. It’s so tiny, once you put it in your pack, you’ll never find it again. I is amaze!

Kobe Red: Beer-Fed Jerky Tastes Like Victory

Move over pork rinds, there’s a new Manliest Snack in Town. Kobe Red ($7 and up) is jerky made from organic Japanese Kobe beef, considered perhaps the finest in the world. But the real rub here is that these Kobe cows are all beer fed. That’s right, while you’re drinking Mr. Pibb, these cows are chugging Heineken (we use that term and brand loosely here; could also be PBR). The result is chilled out cattle, and chilled out cattle are usually pretty cool with being turned into succulent strips of jerky. Try the Brown Sugar-Lemongrass.

HeimPlanet Wedge Tent: All The Other Kids With The Pumped Up Tents

This is how you can tell we’re making progress as a society: In the late 80s we had pump up sneakers; today we have pump up tents. The Hemiplanet Wedge Tent makes a quick camp out easy and – dare we say it – fun. Yes, camping can now legitimately be called fun.  Just remember this is a BYOP (Bring Your Own Pump) kinda party and you’re set.

Kor Nava: The Next Best Use Of Coconut Shells

The case against bottled water is Hulk-strong. From paying $3 for something that falls from the sky, to the fact that stuff like Dasani is nothing but tap water, there are more reasons to bail on bottled water than Saw sequels. The makers of the Kor Nava ($30) claim they’ve created the absolute best way to forge your own path to fresh H2o. The bottle’s built-in filter is made out of coconut shells that are converted into activated carbon to purify the water. The push-button cap keeps dirt, germs, and most varieties of electric eels away from the drinking spout. This may be the second best use of coconut shells ever. This is obviously the best.

Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle: Doesn’t Slice Ham, But…

Before scientists invent a robot that exists only to tie our sneakers and slice ham, they’re probably gonna invent a lot of, ya know, actually useful robots. The Grizzly Robot Utility Vehicle is indeed one of those, with its focus on military, mining, and agricultural tasks. An 80-horsepower electric motor is at the core of the machine, and with its drivetrain able to create the force to pull 1,400 pounds, your days of lugging Aunt Cathy out of the pool may be numbered. You can even use a Samsung Galaxy S3 to control it (the Grizzly, not Cathy).

The North Face Dome Tent

Camping out inside a dome is probably illegal and it’s definitely dangerous, depending on which day of the week it is and if that dome plays host to an NFL team. But this is a dome you can relax in. The North Face Dome Tent ($5,000) is called the“ultimate eight person expedition base camp tent,” so somehow we doubt this is what you pick up for little Jacob to use with his friends in the backyard. The two-meter tent has been tested in the brutal conditions of Himalayas and Antarctica. So yes, what we’re saying is you can send Jacob to Everest. That’s the takeaway from this.

Eton Boost Turbine 2000

For all you restless souls who enjoy secluded areas, fire-walking, and virgin sacrifices, on the next trip to your local tribal village, you can at least enjoy one comfort of home by bringing along the Eton Boost Turbine 2000 ($59). Small enough to fit in your pocket, or hide under your loincloth, this magical little device delivers power to any mobile device that requires a USB port just by gyrating a hand turbine (And I bet you thought you’d never gyrate anything, again). So when you realize that becoming the village fire-king by using a zippo wasn’t such a great idea, because…you know…it runs out! At least you’ll know that your phone won’t.