Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster

One could argue that a convertible Lamborghini is almost an embarrassment of riches, but if one is rich, I suspect embarrassment about anything becomes much more tolerable. Scrounge up $381,000 and prepare for the most satisfying brand of shame imaginable with the new Aventador LP700-4 Roadster. The two-piece roof must be removed by hand, but being that it’s made from carbon fiber and weighs about 13 pounds, let’s not sweat it. Like the coupe version, the Aventador Roadster dances with a 6.5-liter, 700-horsepower V12 engine, getting you 0-62 miles per hour comes up in – good lord – 3.0 seconds! Talk about embarrassing.

Snolo Sleds Stealth-X

November is here, and before you can say kumqwat pie, there will be snow on the ground and free time to frolic in it. Instead of that rusty old bloodstained toboggan, upgrade your sledding experience this year with the Stealth-X from Snolo Sleds ($3,000).  Made of the badass material du jour, carbon fiber, this thing carves through the powder like your Aunt Helen carves through the pecan pie. It also folds up into a backpack so you can skidaddle (as Helen would say) off the hills quickly when your extremities start to tingle.

UBC Coren

Carbon fiber isn’t just reserved for world-class cars; it’s also an option for cream-of-the-crop bicycles. UBC GmbH and industrial designer Christian Zanzotti have unveiled the Coren, a meticulously designed bike with a runway-worthy design. Pony up $30,000 or so and only Formula 1 drivers will have you beat on the carbon fiber front–if there is such a front.

Award-Winning Carbon Fiber Bookshelf by David Anzalone

We often extol the virtues of carbon fiber when talking about cars, but this light yet strong material can make a difference elsewhere, too. For example, the Aliante (Italian for glider) bookshelf by David Anzalone is made of carbon fiber, and its aeronautic-inspired design is instantly impressive when happened upon in say, a study with many leather-bound books. Just because you own a few dozen books of which you’ve read a grand total of 11 pages doesn’t mean you have to keep them in a musty wooden display case. Show them off with carbon fiber, and draw the attention away from your horrible reading habits.