TakTik iPhone 4/4S case

Some people drop their phones, and some people like, really drop their phones–like off the top of the Stratosphere. For those people, the TakTik iPhone 4/4s case is a must. The military grade case incorporates a shockproof suspension system with a 9mm impact truss and something called a “Ballastik Bezel.” Whoa. It also comes with the option of a custom-made Gorilla Glass lens protector. Just please, at least yell out a courtesy “DUCK!” the next time you lose your grip.

BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases

The iPad costs what, a few hundred bucks? But once you’re tablet-hooked, some say its worth seemingly quadruples. So come on now, protect that puppy with a stylish case like the Sheffield or the Bowden, made of milled polycarbonate and hand-finished cherry or walnut hardwood. The Sheffield also offers dry-erase board functionality, so you can jot down that honey’s phone number when she–OK, who’re we kidding… so you can write down her license plate number as she drives away.

Gunnercase for iPhone 4S/4

The half-eaten Snickers bar you gave your girl for Valentine’s Day proved how much you care about her. Shame on you. But how much do you care about your iPhone? If your answer is “Way more than her!” again, shame on you, but also, please continue reading. The GunnerCase ($39.99) is the newest protective puppy by BaseOneLabs and its design was inspired by recoil pads found on shotguns. Shotguns! Damn, son. If you drop the phone, the sidewalls are designed to collapse and distribute the force around the case. Despite that toughness, the GunnerCase is only 13.9mm thick, and is made out of anti-lint material. Ah, lint. I suppose you’ll be giving your girlfriend some of that for Easter, huh?

Macintosh Retro Case for the iPhone

When it comes to your not wanting to be run over by a sanitation truck, you’re just like everyone else. But when it comes to your iPhone 4S, you crave a little something different. The Macintosh retro case does just that, making your 4S look like a mini turn-of-the-millennium Apple desktop. Schreer Delights has a whole line of cases that take you back in time (barely), with designs based on the original Macintosh, iPod, and a few other Macs. Of course, such recent retro charm has its price. And in this case, it’s $45 per case.

Third Man 45 iPhone Case

The only place to find old-school vinyl records these days is in your parent’s attic, on grandpa’s turn table, or at your local garage sale. But now thanks to Griffin Techology and Third Man Records, we can enjoy the sound and smell (is that weird?) of the nostalgic wonder that is vinyl once again. The Third Man 45 iPhone Case protects your iPhone like other cases, but this one has a unique backing that will send you back in time. The back features an actual piece of a 7” vinyl record, custom fit into the casing with cutouts where needed, so you can still access all the necessary iPhone buttons. For $30, the Third Man 45 is now available for the iPhone 4 and 4S. To shake things up even more, Third Man is also offering additional inserts: The White Stripes on white vinyl, The Raconteurs on black, and The Dead Weather on yellow, each $20.

DODOcase for Kindle Fire

Apparently, you can judge a book by its cover. The kindle fire, the 2nd most popular tablet next to the iPad, now has a handcrafted case to call its own. Priced at $44.95 and available here, the Kindle Fire case is made from black Moroccan cloth and is designed with sound outlets to allow audio transfer from the speakers. It comes in a variety of colors…red, blue, green and charcoal…and it even has an elastic strap to keep the tablet safe and secure.  For even more protection, the DODOcase supports the Kindle Fire in a durable, eco-friendly bamboo tray. So, basically it looks like a hardback book when all is said and done, offering yet another security feature as a “disguise” for your Kindle Fire. For that personal touch, you can even get your Fire monogrammed. This is definitely one gift that will have you saying, “one for you, one for me.”

KILLSPENCER: iPhone 4/4S Veil

We color, nip, snip, whiten, tuck, and implant just about everything on our bodies, so why not alter the appearance of your iPhone too? Handcrafted and made to order right here in the USA, the new iPhone 4/4S Veil by KILLSPENCER is made of premium locally sourced macassar ebony wood veneer. Choose from macassar ebony, zebrawood, or black, then peel the sticker, position the holes over your iphone lens and flash, and apply pressure. Voila! You have a new and improved iPhone for just $30. Now if only liposuction was that easy.


Austria isn’t only known for shrimp on the barbie, wildlife walkabouts, and Foster’s brew (scratching my head)…or that Australia? But now they’ve launched a new company called, Papernomad, based in Vienna, that creates durable paper products to replace products made from traditional materials. You can personalize Papernomad products too, so they make great gifts. Parpernomad has already invented an iPad case made of water, tear and flame resistant paper. You have to see it to believe it! What will they come up with next?