Oregon PowerNow Max Chainsaw

With the advancement of lithium-ion batteries, anything that once relied on nickel-based batteries can be supercharged. Litha-what? Nickel-who? Ok, just throw away that rusty little chainsaw that put-puts through tiny little branches. Replace it with this hulked-up superhero of a machine. The Oregon PowerNow 40V Max Chainsaw¬†($400-500)¬†relies on a 40v lithium-ion battery which delivers even more power than those tiny 18v batteries in your current garden tools. And remember yanking a chain to start up these things? No more. Just pull the insta-start lever and get ready to rip up anything in the vicinity. It’s so convenient that that you’ll use it anywhere. Carve up Thanskgiving turkeys with this and really give those cousins something to tweet about.