Get Down To The Nuts And Bolts Of Chess

Combine your love of tools and chess with this Tool Chess Set ($245). Thirty two handcrafted chest pieces from everyday nuts and bolts. Each come powder-coated and in a tool chest carry case (available in black and red). Mark this down as another chess set for tool aficionados.

Mars Chess Board: Solid Aluminum Board and Pieces

Due to a disturbing spike in hyena attacks, government officials have declared that playing chess against old men in public parks is no longer safe. Instead, take your game indoors and pony up two or three thousand dollars to play on the Mars Chess Board. It’s made completely from precision-machined solid aluminum. The upside to chess with heft? A thwap across a hyena’s nose with a bishop does some real damage.

Hardware Chess Set

When was the last time you saw a chess player sporting a plumber’s crack? Stop thinking, you never have. That all changes today with the introduction of the Hardware Chess Set ($79). Lose none of your machismo as you transition from home improvement project to thinking man’s game on the 8×8 inch board with the cleverly laid out nuts, bolts and doohickeys. Slap on your tool belt, drop those jeans, and prepare to get pwned pawned.

Bullet Chess Set

Have your games of chess gotten dull and monotonous? Turn up the fun with this bullet chess set. Carefully crafted with spent .223 bullet shell casings, this set breathes life into any game. One side is made with metal and the other with brass. The board itself is made from a single slab of red oak. Sadly since the pieces are made with spent casings, there’s a little less incentive to win. You can buy your own set here.