Chrysler 300 Luxury Series Sedan

Chrysler is reaching for the top hat and gold-plated cane when it comes to the new 300 Luxury Series. Niceties inside the ride include ultra-premium leather, hand-sanded matte wood, and world-class craftsmanship and refinement. Under the hood you’ll find the Chrysler 300 is the first domestic luxury sedan to feature an 8-speed automatic transmission, along with best-in-class 31 highway mpg and 292 horsepower via its 3.6-liter aluminum Pentastar V-6 engine. Meanwhile, Hip Hop Hall of Famer Dr. Dre signed a deal with Chrysler to get his patented Beats audio technology into the Chrysler 300, so besides all the fancy accoutrements, you’ll get bowel-shaking bass. The Chrylser 300 starts at $40,145 and arrive in the first-quarter of this year.