Clean Oddly-Shaped Kitchenware With Magnets

Sometimes, it’s so hard to clean the bottoms and sides of some glasses and kitchenware. They might be long and narrow or have tiny openings. If you don’t have small, little squirrel-like hands, you’re not going to be able to get in there and give them a good scrubbing. Use the Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber ($12) to reach hard to clean places. There’s a magnetic handle and magnetic scrubber. Place it inside the glass, align both parts and scrub away. Or find a way to get squirrel hands.

Odor Removing Stainless Steel Soap

So you just made your lady a scrumptious dish of swordfish sautéed in garlic and onions, and now you’re about to tenderly caress her cheek with those same hands that chopped, sliced, and diced all those potent ingredients. HOLD UP! Reach for the Alessi Savon Du Chef Stainless Steel Soap ($25) instead, and remove all the offensive odors from your overworked palms. It’s made from 18/10 stainless steel and the smooth top edge also doubles as a nail cleaner. OK… now you can grab that ass. That was the cheek you were going for, right?