Jiva Instant Coffee Cubes

Instant coffee tastes gross most of the time. Now though, get high quality, instant coffee cubes from Jiva Coffee. They recently introduced their Jiva Coffee Cubes ($5 for a 4-pack) last year. Gourmet, freeze-dried coffee beans that you drop into milk or water and stir. Get a variety of flavors from Classic to Caramel Hot Chocolate. They’ve also returned with a Kickstarter for two new flavors: green tea and lemonade. Check them out here.

Hey Joe Coffee Mug Portable Brew System

Yea, they have portable mugs to keep your coffee warm, but we really need portable coffee brewing systems. Oh wait. Hello. It’s the Hey Joe Coffee Mug. It operates on a USB battery and brews the coffee right there. The invention has three compartments. The top one holds the water, the middle one holds the pre-made coffee pods and the brew comes out the bottom.

Coffee lovers have two temperature settings, 155 and 140 Farenheit, or a cold drip coffee setting. Visit their Kickstarter page and help get this in coffee lovers’ hands everywhere.

Legal: Cannabis-Infused Coffee Drink

As more state legalize marijuana, we get more marijuana-related stuff to buy. Case in point: a new coffee containing cannabis called Legal. Adam Sites concocted this potion and describes it as “riding a cool avalanche of pure deliciousness down a tall mountain and landing in an ocean of good feelings. You’ll swim off into a day of work or play filled to the brim with pure joy.” Right. Someone was drinking their own supply when they wrote that. Each bottle contains 20 milligrams of THC, enough to get you going down that mountain of pure deliciousness. Other offerings include cannabis juices such as pomegranate and lemon juice. Adam will start selling this in Washington later this month. Wheeee!

Jump Start Mornings With Whiskey Barrel Coffee

The best part of waking up is not Folger’s in your cup. It’s green coffee beans aged in bourbon barrels, giving an extra kick of whiskey and oak flavors to your morning joe. Whiskey Barrel Coffee ($50) comes in three options: dark roast, decaf and light roast. Well, there’s actually one option. Buy this now.

The Temperfect Mug: No More Cold Coffee

Coffee never stays warm, only let’s-sue-McDonald’s-hot or funny-I-didn’t-order-iced-coffee cold. Along comes Logan Maxwell with a novel solution to keep coffee at a constant, belly-warming 140 degrees farenheit. The Temperfect mug relies on a third insulation layer (nestled in between the inside and outside layers) called “Material X”. Don’t worry, you can carry this “Material X” out in the open at the office (and not have to hide in the bathroom).

“Material X” absorbs excess heat, which turns it to a liquid, bringing the temperature of your coffee down. At that point, this mystery substance then turns back into a solid, whereby it releases heat, warming your coffee back up again. It’s a cycle. What is “Material X”? Sand. No, just joking, it’s not.

Ratio Eight Coffee Machine: Much Better than 1-7

Premium coffee needs premium machines. Behold, the Ratio Eight coffee machine ($395). These come hand-assembled in Portland and are made of die-cast aluminum with nickel-plated finishing. Such quality means many years of caffeine stimulation. Preorder now for a May 2014 ship date.

Cold Bruer: A Cold Brew Coffee System

Any schmuck can hit up Starbucks for a quick cup of $8 iced coffee, but what about taking matters into your hands for a more patient approach? And, ya know, not saying silly Italian words in public? The Cold Bruer ($50) offers a simple, do-it-yourself solution for cold java at home. The water slowly drips from the water chamber into the coffee chamber, saturating the grinds. Then, the dripping begins. Set aside anywhere between 3 and 12 hours for the process to finish, depending on the drip rate you select. Then set aside some quality time for your taste buds to enjoy each sip.

Maple Bacon Morning Coffee: Breakfast Bows Down To Its Master

Like it or not, bacon is invading every inch of your kitchen. Of course breakfast had always pretty much been bacon’s bitch, but now the last holdout, coffee, has just surrendered. Maple Bacon Morning Coffee ($16) is fresh roasted as soon as you order it. It’s 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee, Direct Trade, and Boca Java hand selects the top 2% of Arabica beans from the finest growers worldwide. It’s all enhanced with the sweet flavors of maple syrup and bacon. OK, you win bacon! YOU WIN!!

[Image: The Hungry Southerner]