Lacoste Lab

The last time Lacoste t-shirts and their trademark alligators were in style, new Coke was seeming like a pretty good idea–so yeah, it’s been awhile. But the apparel company is making a comeback in a big way with Lacoste Lab, a joint project with French boutique colette. The new line of products range from bicycles and boomerangs to soccer balls and surfboards, all featuring that unmistakable Lacoste flair. The rejuvenation is inspired by the memory of company founder and 1920s tennis star Jean René Lacoste. But like new Coke, these items will only be available for a limited time, starting January 9th in-store at colette and online at their website.

colette x Super Motor Scooter

With gas past the $4 mark, it’s time to consider downsizing your transportation. colette, the famous Paris-based boutique, teams up with Super Motor Company for the limited edition colette x Super Motor Scooter. Painted in colette’s signature blue and white colorways, the scooter features a semi-automatic three speed, 4-stroke engine and 17” rims. Holla!

Sold as either a Super 50 (moped) or Super 100 (light motorcycle), colette and Super Motor Company pay tribute to celebrated French designer and father of the mini-skirt, Andres Courrege’s 1970s Matra Bagheera auto. Availalable at colette starting on May 23rd.