People Blocks by Andy Rementer

Here’s a fun toy/art piece from artist Andy Rementer. The illustrator has been featured in The New York Times, MTV, Urban Outfitters and The New Yorker. He also recently put on a show in the Netherlands.

This recent collection, entitled “People Blocks”, features a collection of four wooden characters with interchangeable pieces. All have been hand painted and handmade. Each measures about a foot tall, packaged in a screen printed wooden box and signed and numbered by Rementer.

They even have names: Antoine, Fabienne, Jean and François. We’ll let you guess who’s who, since these come in an edition of 12 and we’re guessing they go for a bit more than we have now. *turns out pants pockets, watches balls of lint fall out*

Coin Guitar Picks: Upgrade Your Groupies

Chicks dig picks. For years people thought it was the actual guitar that lured the ladies, but nope. Turns out the cooler the pick, the hotter the chick. Well, prepare to be assaulted by more panties than Tom Jones at Victoria’s Secret. These handmade Coin Guitar Picks ($10) are crafted out of authentic silver, gold, brass, bronze, and more, with each one delivering standout style and undeniably sturdy construction. If playing your six string with an antique USA Indian Head Buffalo Nickel pick doesn’t drop some drawers, man, we don’t know what will.

Game of Thrones Iron Throne Life-Size Replica

Big fan of Game of Thrones, huh? Prove it. Buy this life-size replica of the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. It’s made of hand-finished, hand-painted fiberglass and fire-proof resin. Sweet, huh? It’s also taller than Pau Gasol. It also weighs 350 pounds. It also costs $30,000. Oh, and the shipping fee is $1,800. That said, you will command the hell out of your apartment when entertaining fair maidens or hearty wenches, which may be all you can afford after this purchase.

Terminator Busts

For the machine cultist looking for that certain robot to worship, check out the Series-800 Terminator bust by T-STUDIO. Described as “completely awesome” and “amazing” instead of the more appropriate “kill it with fire”, this one-quarter of a Terminator was crafted by animatronic artists at T-studios who seriously enjoy tempting fate. The bust has the same jerky, unnerving movements seen in the films, and the glowing red eyes are perfect for your child’s next night-light. Plug it into Skynet and watch it learn how to build its bottom three quarters, then watch it murder you.

Super Mario Cutting Board

It’s-a me, Mario…Cutting Board($110)! Please-a don’t chop-a my face! I-a seriously can’t-a stop-a typing like-a-this, please-a help-a me! The Mario Cutting Board is engrained with an 8-Bit representation of your favorite Italian plumber. No, not Luigi, everyone hates Luigi. This custom built cutting board is 3/4 of an thick and made of solid wood grain, so go ahead and smash any spare Question Blocks you have lying around while (probably drunkenly) humming the Super Mario theme song. And when you tire of your Mario Cutting Board, use him as kindling for your Pixelated Fireplace. Warning: chopping mushrooms on this board may or may not cause spontaneous and violent cutting board growth.