Colorware for iPhone 4S

If having the iPhone 4S didn’t make you cool enough, now you can set yourself apart from the crowd even more with Colorware’s iPhone 4S Design Studio. Head over to their site and find multiple ways to pimp your iPhone 4S. Find new colors for your iPhone 4S’ frame, backing, home button, SIM card tray…even your earbuds. You have the option of purchasing the phone and colorset direct from Colorware. This sets you back $1500, which seems a bit much. You can also send in your own iPhone for only $250.

Now, sending it in seems like the better deal, but remember, Colorware’s paint job covers up the serial number. This could potentially void your warranty. Buying the phone and paint job from Colorware gives you a 1 year warranty. It’s only 30 days if you send it in. Also, how many people can really come up with a better color scheme than the original iPhone 4S?