Jay & Silent Bob Get Old: Tea Bagging In The UK

There has been a little more silence than usual with Jay & Silent Bob over the past few years, but good ol’ Amazon can cure that for you with Jay & Silent Bob Get Old: Tea Bagging in the UK ($14.99). Watch Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes reprise their roles from classic flicks such as Clerks and Mallrats in front of three sold-out crowds across the pond during their 2012 tour. This one is rated BYOTAC (Bring Your Own Tea And Crumpets).

Louis C.K. – Live at the Beacon Theater

For $5, who wouldn’t want to see Louis C.K. joke about garbage, parenthood, and penises? Total no-brainer. Live at the Beacon Theater is a self-financed and produced show released DRM-free straight to the audience, much like Radiohead’s album. His hour-long show has made over $500,000, with over $200,000 in actual profits, once you break down the $170,000 production and $32,000 website construction costs. Louis is living proof that a dedicated fan base can take you far, and making your own rules can take you even farther. Buy it here.

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