Adobe Project Mighty Stylus And Napoleon Ruler: No More No. 2s

Whomever finally slays that grade school giant, the No. 2 pencil, will surely be crowned king of the land. Well, Adobe just sharpened up its sword. Yes, that Adobe is unveiling the Project Mighty stylus and Napoleon ruler, promising a new way to draw on your tablet. The Mighty is a pressure sensitive pen that connects over to an iPad or iPhone over Bluetooth and lets you doodle and dawdle your way through the screen, even using your finger as the eraser. The Napoleon acts as a normal ruler would, but also gives you the freedom to draw straight lines anywhere on the tablet when it’s pressed against the screen. Now if we could just do something about the books and teachers’ dirty looks.

Titanium Mouse

When the mouse was first invented, PC users balked at the imprecise control, as well as the occasional droppings emitted from the furry rodent. Now, in 2012, this instrumental accessory has come full circle with Intelligent Design’s Titanium Mouse (€399). The beady eyes and whiskers have been replaced by Grade 1 titanium, high quality plastic resin, and a neodymium scroll wheel for maximum precision at your fingertips. It’s a bold statement for sure; a statement that says “I refuse to use rodents for cursor control.”

Washable Keyboard by Logitech

Despite years of computer keyboards being subjected to coffee, soda, and porn-related spillage, it is only now… today… that we finally get a washable keyboard .  Thank you, Logitech.  The K310 ($39.99) can be cleaned with a wet cloth or soaked in water up to 11 inches deep. The laser printed and UV-coated characters mean they won’t fade with washing, and drainage holes in the back let the water  – or uh, other liquids – drain through.