Asus VivoMouse: A Combo Meal For The PC

Like a burger and fries, Asus’ latest peripheral makes a (non-edible) combo meal out of two PC necessities: the touchpad and mouse. Asus says the VivoMouse is the world’s first such device. It features an inviting metallic body which lets you pinch-to-zoom and swipe the night away. Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 are supported. No price has been given just yet.

StormFly: Your OS FTW

StormFly says “it’s like having a PC on your wrist,” but it’s also like having your OS there too. This subtle rubber wristband functions as a super-fast storage device with an Open Source Operating System that’s bootable in most modern PCs and Macs. That means when you’re visiting Uncle Ned, you won’t need to crawl through your email on his 1998 Compaq; just plug in StormFly and you’ll have your OS and critical data ready to go. It also comes with an automatic backup service. Speaking of backup service, how’s Ned’s IBS doing?

Floppy Disk Table

The floppy disk was a casualty of progress; a piece of tech that couldn’t withstand the tick-tock, if you will. But in table form? It is back with a vengeance. The Floppy Disk Table is not only functional with its sturdy hot-rolled steel construction, but it’s also true to its origin, as the disk cover slides back to give you storage room for remotes, controllers, and maybe, just maybe, some real floppies.

Ubi: Voice-activated Computer

Do catfights turn you on? It seems like Apple’s Siri could be due for a brawl with Ubi, a new always-on computer that plugs into an outlet and waits to hear your voice (like all females should). Ask it for anything you’d ask of the Internet and it’ll answer you back. Make a call, control the temperature in your home, or heck, just consider it your new kinky best friend.

NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse

For those who want greater customization and flexibility in their gaming mice, NZXT presents the Avatar S Gaming Mouse. Its five programmable on-board buttons save to an on-board memory, allowing gaming across multiple rigs. Switch between multiple sensitivity settings from 400DPI, 800DPI and 1600DPI. Experience greater tracking ability with its Teflon feet as you swipe your mouse on the road to victory. Blue LED lights add a touch of mystery to the overall appearance. Retails for $40 and available in black and stormtrooper white.

Digital Storm ODE, High End Gaming Rigs

Don’t waste your time building a custom gaming rig. Digital Storm’s new ODE product line gives you prebuilt gaming rigs with high quality performance. They brings us four highly optimized, sleekly designed gaming units that pack a wallop. Choose between 4 builds: Good, Better, Best and Ultimate.

At the top of the line, you get a liquid cooled 5.0Ghz overclocked Intel i7 2600k processor, 2x SLI Nvidia GTX 570 graphic card, Intel 320 Seris 120GB SSD with secondary WD 1TB drive. Prices range from $1,499 to $2,499. Don’t worry about falling behind the times though. Digital Storm provides lifetime, labor-free upgrades. Enjoy more hours gaming with the Digital Storm ODE.


If you’ve been following the Murderbox project throughout the years and Million-Dollar-PC, you’ll know that the Murderbox isn’t just a custom built liquid cooled PC equipped with the latest hardware. It’s a machine that transcends into art. Now, after a few years of prodding, the everyman can get their own Murderbox. But this everyman is going to have to fork over some change.

The rig starts at $6,000 depending on the amount of custom work involved. Meaning, things can get even pricier. You can order or just dream about it here.