BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé: A Zesty Jolt Of Italiano

If BMW’s newest concept car looks a little more Italian than it does German, there’s a good reason for that. The Gran Lusso Coupe was built in partnership with Italian design house Pininfarina, and it’s simply a stunner. A voracious V-12 gets those plump 21-inch wheels spinning, and the interior is decked out in brown leather seating with a black headliner made from Italian virgin wool. Apparently the kauri wood accent pieces imported from New Zealand are more than 48,000 years old too. So virgin wool and 48,000 year-old wood? Nah, there’s no joke there.

Gentleman’s Survival Kit: Cast Away ‘Wilson’ And Keep This

Imagine you went all Tom Hanks style and found yourself stranded on a desert island. Not a dessert island, with cupcake pebbles, creme brulee caves, and luscious Yoo-Hoo rivers, but a desert island: no humans, no technology. Cast Away made it seem like a volleyball would be your most prized possession, but we’d opt for something more like the Gentleman’s Survival Kit (sadly, it’s not for sale). Starting with a vintage briefcase, blogger pscmpf didn’t waste any time buying vowels for his screen name; instead he built this beauty with a crafty mix of scrap wood, tin, and leather. He then loaded it up with essentials like a hatchet, kindling chips, a flask, and some Jack Daniels–and Jack beats Wilson every time.


BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe

When the post-holiday icicles return to our hearts in January, we’re gonna need something to thaw ’em out. Perhaps the official unveiling of the BMW 4 Series Concept Coupe at the Detroit Auto Show will do the trick? It’s a slightly longer and wider ride than the 3 Series, which just gave the designers more room for super sleek lines. There’s full-LED headlamps and an interior that’s overflowing with more premium leather than a Coach outlet shop (don’t ask how I know that). Stay tuned for more details on what’s under the hood, but we’re expecting something close to the 3 Series’ 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four cylinder engine and the 3.0-liter turbo-six.

Hole Measuring Tape: Built-in Guides for Straight Lines

Upgraded Measuring Tape Features Pencil Trapping Gap for Straight Lines.

While not as poke-your-eye-out-sharp as the drawing compass we were all given as 3rd graders, the Hole Measuring Tape from designer Sunghoon Jung is a clever tool for those who need a little help with their straight lines. Just stick your pencil in the little slot on the ruler and make your markings with the utmost in precision. Simple, yet effective–unlike that compass, which was deadly and effective.

BME X-9 Nighthawk Bicycle

I’m not sure, but I think I may have seen a soldier riding a BME X-9 Nighthawk Bicycle in that Black Ops 2 trailer last night. If not, then I should have. This thing looks straight out of 2025 with its lightweight frame constructed of aramid honeycomb (the bees are pissed, but they’ll get over it) and carbon fiber skin.  A belt-drive replaces the traditional chain system, and the infiniti3D Guard Dogs security means no cyberpunks will roll off with your pretty little piece of the future. Just in case, maybe you should pack that SCAR, though.

Triumph Speed Twin

A pair of neophytes have made a serious showing at Triumph Motorcycles with this new motorcycle concept. Rookie English designers Roy Norton and Tom Kasher have taken the base of the Triumph Bonneville and drastically revamped it into the Speed Twin, a modern take on a classic bike. What you see above was actually created with a mixture of model board, foam and Automotive Styling Clay. Barbour cloth is used on the seat fabric and grips, with Firestone tires, inverted levers and Thruxton brakes rounding out the package. Keep your eyes peeled for something like this down the road; Triumph officials are quite pleased with the final result.