A Traditional Looking Watch With Modern Smartwatch Functions

People love the all the functions of smartwatches, but most of the designs out there need work. A few companies are working on upping the style quotient, but so many end up looking like a smartphone wrapped around one’s wrist. Designer Gabor Balogh reimagines the smartwatch as something more traditional looking, i.e. a normal looking old school watch.

You’d have the classic watchface, but all the parts would get swapped out with smartwatch functions. A pushable bezel for navigation, smartphone functions launched by pressing the crown and pusher, a watchface displaying critical data when paired with a smartphone. And all this without the typical bulky bodies out there. Right now, it’s just a concept, so if anyone wants to put this up on Kickstarter, you’d make bank.

Future Forward

Introducing Future Forward. Ideas yet to hit the marketplace, stewing in someone’s mind or lab somewhere. When they hit though, they’ll make our lives a little better or slightly more swagworthy. And we know everyone can use more swagginess.

This week, beer and cars. Is there really anything else better in life? Just don’t mix the two. Don’t drink and drive. Especially if you have a really expensive car.

1. Hangover Free Beer

Who doesn’t want to get plastered without next morning repercussions? Certainly not some scientists in Australia, currently working on hangover free beer. By adding electrolytes, they’ve concocted beer that both hydrates and maintains the pleasant qualities of beer, i.e. beer goggles and regretful decisions. According to the folks at Griffith University’s Health Institute, the electrolytes mean you can even drink beer after a workout to replenish lost liquid.