The Hungoevr Cookbook

Every great night out deserves an equally filling breakfast. Denny’s gets old though. The Hungoever Cookbook by Milton Crawford can cure your drunken hunger pains with recipes suitable for six different hangovers. Crawford gives you visual and physical tests to gauge your state of bleeccch and directs you to the perfect recipe.

According to the book, the best recipe for the worst hangover…pork sausage and egg on an English muffin, flavorful cardamom porridge with spicy apple sauce; and tagilatelle alla carbonara. Oh, the writer’s English, can’t you tell? In any case, consider these recipes a break from your normal 4am burrito. Only $10.

Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking

Too much of cooking relies on a dollop of this or a pinch of that. Even when most mass-market cookbooks prescribe exact measurements, the end result never tastes like it should. At that point, we’re left to guess as to why.

Modernist cooking looks to combine science and food, all in the name of the perfectly prepared dish. Recently released, Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, captures this movement dramatically in its six volume, 2400 page and 50 (!) pound set. The collection casts an analytical eye at the history, technique, ingredients and recipes in cooking. You’ll find out why your stir-fry never tastes that great, the science behind the perfect omelet and how to make fries with light, fluffy interiors and crisp outer crusts.

Part art-book, part cookbook, this release also focuses on the photographic aspect of food, featuring high resolution pictures capturing the preparation of food down to its most blown-up glory. Leave a couple volumes on the coffee table for the guests; use the other volumes to whip up the perfect meal for them. Available for $475. Gaze through the gallery of photos from the book below.