DODOcase for Kindle Fire

Apparently, you can judge a book by its cover. The kindle fire, the 2nd most popular tablet next to the iPad, now has a handcrafted case to call its own. Priced at $44.95 and available here, the Kindle Fire case is made from black Moroccan cloth and is designed with sound outlets to allow audio transfer from the speakers. It comes in a variety of colors…red, blue, green and charcoal…and it even has an elastic strap to keep the tablet safe and secure.  For even more protection, the DODOcase supports the Kindle Fire in a durable, eco-friendly bamboo tray. So, basically it looks like a hardback book when all is said and done, offering yet another security feature as a “disguise” for your Kindle Fire. For that personal touch, you can even get your Fire monogrammed. This is definitely one gift that will have you saying, “one for you, one for me.”

KILLSPENCER: iPhone 4/4S Veil

We color, nip, snip, whiten, tuck, and implant just about everything on our bodies, so why not alter the appearance of your iPhone too? Handcrafted and made to order right here in the USA, the new iPhone 4/4S Veil by KILLSPENCER is made of premium locally sourced macassar ebony wood veneer. Choose from macassar ebony, zebrawood, or black, then peel the sticker, position the holes over your iphone lens and flash, and apply pressure. Voila! You have a new and improved iPhone for just $30. Now if only liposuction was that easy.