All-in-One Camping Cutlery by Pro Idee

Campers need to keep gear down to the bare minimum. Cut cutlery (ah ha..pun!) down to a smaller size with this all-in-one fork, spoon and bottle opener set by Pro Idee.  It fits into a little oval nugget the size of your palm. It’s so tiny, once you put it in your pack, you’ll never find it again. I is amaze!

Deglon Meeting Knife Set

These knives are just like those Russian matroyoshka dolls–only a wee bit sharper. The Deglon Meeting Knife Set ($740) is made out of premium stainless steel, with each knife fitting inside the other in its steel block case. You get a 3-1/4-inch paring knife, 5-1/4-inch utility knife, 8-inch chef knife, and 8-3/4-inch slicer. Pair these knives up with the dolls and you’re looking at quite the show & tell presentation, my friend.