Find A Booty Call Or A Nice Date. This App Does Both

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. That’s how the old candy commercial went. And that describes the new app, HeavenlySinful. This new dating app helps you either find a booty call or a nice date. Open the app and tell it what you want. It then plots your mood on a map with other users. As matches come in, you swipe up for ‘Heavenly’ and down for ‘Sinful’. Basically, it mixes Down with Tindr and helps cut to the chase. It also sounds like an awesome place to get spammed.

Weekend Refill, 11.4.13

Married people now have their own Kama Sutra positions.

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Burner App

True players know leaving a tiny digital footprint is vital to their success. If Jessica sees you checking in at Wendy’s (the burger joint–or worse yet, Wendy’s, the non-burger joint), with Denise, your chances with Desiree will be marginalized. The Burner app ($1.99) for the iPhone gives you cover with a temporary additional number you can use to move stealthily in the night (or daytime) with. Call, text, or post to Facebook with the extra digits and you’ll totally be a nookie-nabbing secret agent.

TheDatable App

If shouting “HEY YOU! COMERE REAL QUICK!” out of the driver’s side window of your Ford Fusion isn’t working too well with the ladies, it may be time for a new approach. TheDatable app lets you register through Facebook and quickly tag whatever friends you have that are single. As soon as those friends tag their single friends, well, the number of fish in the sea will quickly add up. All of the FB notifications are private–unlike screaming “YO! GIRL ON THE 10-SPEED! WHERE YO MOMMY AT?”

3DD Deluxe

Do you really think 3D was invented to see talking robots bash each other while Shia LaBeouf strikes yet another wide-eyed, open-mouthed pose? No, my friend. This is what 3D is all about. 3DD Deluxe by Henry Hargreaves is a titillating collection of photographs of real breasts in glorious 3D. This perfect little stocking stuffer even comes with old school 3D glasses–thoughtful. Hargreaves used a fancy two-camera setup to capture all of the flattering female forms, and the end result is pure coffee table gold. Much as they do in real life, the women in the book come in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors, from New Zealand, Australia, London, LA and NYC. 3DD Deluxe is available for $30 from Amazon or direct from Hargreaves’ site.