Gucci Checkers Set

Don’t let your high-class ways falter when it’s time for a visit to the game room. Acquire this Gucci Checkers Set for a mereĀ $4350 and enjoy the perks of Italian-made leather as you cradle the corner and leap the noodle (those are checkers terms, right?). The board is made from dark brown leather with dark brown guccissima leather trim, while the pieces themselves are gorgeous dark and light brown.

Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Box Set

So, some bad news; last week a friend took me up on that whole “I’d give you the shirt off my back” thing. Totally left me shirtless for a day. Since then, I’ve vowed to never be caught off guard again, so I’m ordering the Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Box Set ($2,000). This gets me 44 of their 100% cotton pique Slim Fit polo shirts, in colors such as Claret Heather, Bright Pink Heather, Peony, and Denim Heather. Do I know what any of those colors look like exactly? Course not. But my laundry cycle is now once every month and a half.

Men’s Heritage Baseball Collection by Coach

If you’ve ever seen a “Web Gem” on ESPN and thought “Nice catch, dude, but that glove of yours would look a lot better as a wallet in my jeans pocket,” take note. The latest in leather accessories from Coach, dubbed the “Men’s Heritage Baseball Collection“, uses glove-tanned leather to create wallets, bags, and paperweights that’ll scratch your itch for America’s pastime with every crotch adjustment. The New Heritage Baseball Double Billfold Wallet ($168) is hand-assembled and precisely stitched. Pick one of these up before the Yankees buy them all.